Free Webinar - Calming Anxiety - Listen In To This Recorded Live Session. Tune In And Tap Along To Feel Calmer And In Control

It seems that anxiety is on the increase.

Is it that we are living in a more stressful world or is it that we are talking about how we feel more? Either way, we need help to calm and clear it.

In this webinar, I talk about:

  • why we have anxiety

  • what triggers anxiety

  • different types of anxiety

  • what anxiety feels like in the body

  • how to clear anxiety and take control

I also lead some Heartmath breathing and a ‘tapping out anxiety’ session that you can listen to and tap along with whenever you need to.

My top tips for clearing anxiety are:

  1. Practice Heartmath daily to teach your body to relax

  2. Learn the EFT points and start using this too.

  3. Keep a journal of your triggers to notice patterns that you can clear

  4. Get help if you need it

You can listen to the full webinar here:

Tapping sequence starts at 19 mins 15 seconds.

I would love to hear your feedback and any questions you have! Please post below or drop me an email to

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