A testimonial from a happy client - Melissa had just received her second EFT & Matrix Reimprinting session from Jemim Eames

“Thanks for your email and for the wonderful sessions which we had at Grayshott. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and can’t tell you what a relief it is to have worked through all my emotional baggage which was definitely weighing me down. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and now have a real sense of excitement about the future which is a wonderful feeling. I think that EFT is an amazing therapy and will not hesitate to contact you again in the future if I feel more emotional issues arise which I need help working through.” 


“Thanks so much for getting in touch. I really felt so much better after our session at Grayshott, and I thank you for your kind words and support. I am working hard to keep my thoughts as positive as possible and I do feel that I managed to forgive my past and move on.”

“It was a very emotional experience but as the sessions progressed I felt relaxed and lightened. I couldn’t believe the thought processes! I have had 3 sessions now and each time Jemima has found new areas to help me with. I find it very interesting and am convinced it can help anyone.”

“Currently back out in Lanzarote! Just a small amount of EFT needed for this our second trip this year.
Before EFT I had not been abroad for 16 years – thank you”

“I couldn’t leave Grayshott without sending you this card – you have made such an enormous difference to my life. It’s not too much to say, you have saved my life. I have battled with despair over my marriage ending and had over a years headaches. Now they are both, quite unbelievably, gone. …I will never be able to thank you enough…”

“EFT with Jemima Eames was an amazing experience! During my EFT session I was re-living feelings of the past; anxiety, fear, helplessness etc. In each case Jemima completely removed these feelings. I felt my anxirty in my belly and heart. These feeling made me very heavy and tired. Jemima used images and her technique to quickly remove these feelings. She was always spot on knowing how I felt and in each case removed the negative feelings, replacing them with something positive and beautiful. I left her treatment room feeling stronger, positive and in control of my life once more. I felt I got my will power back.
Best of all I learnt all the simple steps of EFT during the session, so now I can do them at home, when these negative feelings come up!”


“Before I had met Jemima, I had never heard of EFT but was intrigued to learn what it was about and one day over a coffee just chatting to her about something traumatic that had happened to me a few years ago Jemima asked if she could do some ‘tapping’. I was amazed how much better I felt afterwards, the guilt I had been carrying around with me for such a long time had completely gone.
I have since been on one of Jemima’s day workshops, which was very interesting and we were taught how to ‘tap’. I would recommend anyone that suffers from anxiety problems to give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


“I found Jemima to be professional and sensitive to my situation. She applies EFT extremley well and I found to my delight that my feelings and thoughts were so much more positive after my session. I am using EFT daily and find it so useful and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone to try this, you will be glad you did.”


“Jemima is amazing!!! Calm, focused, pertinent and on it straight away ;o) I can wholeheartedly recommend a session or ten with her if you are struggling with any issue….mental, physical, emotional….it’s all the same. What’s more is you can then use the techniques yourself later.”


“I met Jemima completely randomly in that my intended treatment was cancelled and so I ended up doing EFT. I didn’t even know what it was. That was 2 years ago. Jemima gets to the core of the problem and completely turns everything around so you have a clear understanding of the root cause, and then she heals this. She asks the right questions and instinctively knows who you are and what you need, this coupled with her skill in EFT is hugely powerful. I have been treated by Jemima for various things over the years, from presentation skills to far more deep rooted traumas. If you really want to deal with your stuff and make your life better then this isn’t for you! She shifts things quickly so you feel as though you are making progress rather than being stuck, going over and over things. This works but be prepared for fast and significant change.”


“I just wanted to write and say ‘thank you’ firstly – the EFT session I had with you was JUST amazing…. When I think back to those specific instances we dragged up I can look at them completely objectively now and feel no particular emotion attached to them – just as an observer really. Thank you so much.”


“I feel like a different person since seeing you! I cant tell you how much my life has changed. It’s like suddenly I’ve opened up and am lined up ready to accept what the universe has on offfer instead of it being faced with an emotional brick wall like it has been in the past. I’ve not stopped painting since I’ve been home which really good. I’ve been telling EVERYONE how amazing and freeing EFT is. Worth every penny. I’ve been topping myself up occassionally which has been helping. My painting helps me though. What EFT has allowed me to do is get rid of old baggage to give me the space to be passionantly (and confidently) creative again.”


“I attended a talk session you were giving on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and I ended up having an unplanned one to one session with you. I would like to thank you for the kindness you showed me but also for the difference that session has made to me. We worked on my feelings of loss of my Father and I can honestly say that since our meeting those feelings have changed. Of course I still have sadness at him not being with me any more and I miss him more than I ever imagined I would but the picture I have of him is now a comforting one and amazingly so much more real.
I cannot thank you enough and urge you to keep up your amazing work.
Fondest regards.”