Meet Jemima

I have helped hundreds of people from all around the world to release their stress and anxiety.

I first started tapping in 2009. I suffered daily with anxiety and was diagnosed with depression at the age of 21. I was put on anti-depressants and sent to see a counsellor. Although this was what I needed at the time, it didn’t offer a long-term solution for me. Slowly over the next 12 years I saw many counsellors and therapists, each helping me take another step. When I discovered tapping, my life improved dramatically almost overnight.

It took me a while to understand at first, but when I discovered the power and effectiveness of EFT I was hooked. I went on to train with Karl Dawson – EFT Master and creator of Matrix Reimprinting – and was blown away by what I saw. I have been tapping ever since.

Tapping worked so well for me that I had to share it with the world. I went from being too scared to stand with the other mum’s at the school gate, to being a School Governor, all within 6 months of my training. I now give talks and run workshops and very rarely feel anxious in social situations anymore. This is largely down to the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting work I have done. After I trained, I soon became full-time practitioner and now I get to tap every day. I love it!

I am passionate about what I do and I am an experienced and extremely effective practitioner. I had begun training to be a counsellor when I discovered EFT. This background, easy rapport and strong empathy lead to quick, long-lasting and deep resolution of often long term issues.

I can help you change your life for the better.

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