One to One sessions

one to one

In person, online or phone

One to one sessions are ideal for:

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • clearing unhelpful patterns

  • resolving past trauma safely

  • creating a new future

  • support

The techniques I use primarily are EFT and Matrix Reimprinting:

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as 'Tapping') is a process of gently tapping on specific points on the head and hands to clear blockages in the energy system. This releases built up stress, pain and tension from the body.

Matrix Reimprinting is an EFT Technique. Any feeling that you are experiencing in the present day is not for the first time. This EFT technique enables you to visit memories when you had the same feeling, remove the trauma from that picture, thereby reducing that feeling in the present day. This is done a very safe and controlled way. We are the sum of our experiences which are not always balanced. You will discover why you behave in the way that you do and how to take control of your emotions.

1:1 sessions are £95 each or from £70 for Stress Free Life Academy members.

What to expect

I work face to face and on Skype/phone. 

Sometimes one session is all you need to understand and clear an issue. Often, however, more work is needed. I will guide you to get exactly the help you need to transform your problems and create lasting change in your life. 

Each session is an hour. I will teach you the techniques as well as help you to clear unresolved moments and negative beliefs that are holding you back. You might not know what these are. I will support and guide you safely to unlock and release these hidden blocks.

My aim for you is fast and effective resolution of your issues and to help you to help yourself. 

Angelo House, 14 Cawley Road, Chichester, PO19 1UZ

Angelo House, 14 Cawley Road, Chichester, PO19 1UZ

Meet me in London, Chichester or online


1, Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD


Angelo House, 14 Cawley Road, Chichester, PO19 1UZ

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Many of my clients come for regular sessions

So I decided to create a membership package for the Stress Free Life Academy designed to add as much value for everyone.

The gold and platinum membership plans include monthly/weekly sessions in addtion to exclusive access to all of my courses, webinars, audios, videos and downloads.