What is the Stress Free Life Academy?

It's the solution to the stress in your life... 

Stress is inevitable and everywhere - right?

From the moment you wake up...  

...the damp patch on the bedroom ceiling; the unopened mail; the colleague who always disagrees with you; the growing list of jobs that haven’t been done yet;  your children’s homework; the birthday present that still hasn’t been bought (even though it was last month), the party you can’t think of a good excuse for why not to go... 

...to the moment you go to bed

Honestly, the amount of niggling stress that the average person goes through in a day, it’s incredible that we make it through to bedtime in one whole piece.

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But humans are amazing like that. We deal with things in our stride, push things to one side and just get on with this business of living. 

Except, sometimes, it all begins to feel a bit too much and we’re just not coping and dealing with things in the way we would like to be when in ‘top form’. 

Feelings of being overwhelmed take over more often. We find ourselves snapping at our family and colleagues. We push jobs aside for later because we can’t think straight. We become tearful at the smallest thing that doesn’t go to plan. 

And we feel utterly exhausted all the time.

But that’s life, right?  We’ve just got to put on our brave faces and get on with it all...

Except we don’t. 

There is a solution.  

An easy-to-use one too. 

I joined ‘The Stress Free Life Academy’ recently and already I feel the benefit. It is a wonderful resource when you are stuck because Jemima Eames has covered every possible stuck situation in a clear, understandable way. There are lots of resources and information about tapping points and everything to make it easy to tap along and learn EFT from the comfort of your home. I can not recommend this programme highly enough.
— Shirley

In a moment, I am going to reveal what the solution is and why becoming a member of the Stress-Free Life Academy makes such good sense, but first I want to tell you a little bit about my story...

There was a time in my life when I used to wake up every morning overwhelmed with dread at something unavoidable that I had to do every morning...


The school run... 

The school run is renowned for being one of those notoriously stressful things that we parents have to go through as part of our daily lives.  It can be a very bonding experience and for many parents, I’m sure, it’s just another thing that we just have to get on with.  Some people relish the daily check-in with friends and the chance to share experiences and get support. 

But for me, there were days when the school run truly felt like the worst thing in the world.    

The stress of getting out of the house and into the car on time was the first thing that, on a bad day, left me feeling on edge and barely in control. 

But worse than that was my dread at facing all the other people – the parents, the teachers, even the friends who might cheerfully wave and attempt to draw me into conversation... People. Even the thought of all these other people that I would have to pass and might have to talk to felt completely overwhelming.

From the outside nobody would have known there was anything wrong. I would be chatting away to my son, reminding him about all the good things that would happen at school. And yet the whole time, I would be feeling incredibly self-conscious in front of everyone -  there would be butterflies and anxiety gripping my entire core to the point that I could barely breathe. I would time it to the second so that I wouldn't have to wait outside for long but not be late (another stressor). 

Once my son was safely in school, I would race off - “Busy, busy!!” I would throw over my shoulder to my friends as I ran back to the car and drove back to the sanctuary of home, heart pumping with adrenaline and relief. 

Then I would have to walk the dog. And that meant leaving the house again. Thankfully, we lived in a valley, two miles from the village, so it felt much safer. If I had to go to town, I would always avoid the main streets as much as I could and look very busy on my phone, or as if I was looking for something in my bag, in order to avoid eye contact or bumping into anyone I knew. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve hidden from people in supermarkets! 



My fear of encountering people wasn’t really conscious, just an incredibly anxious feeling of ‘Get away, get away!!!’ running through my head and body the moment I saw anyone.

It is impossible to avoid all conversations and they would occasionally have to happen.  And when they did, of course, the world didn’t end, I didn’t embarrass myself and nothing terrible happened.

But the anxiety was always there throughout it all and it never went away, no matter how many times I had ‘successful’ conversations. I felt like I was going to spend my entire life running away and hiding from people.


But then I discovered EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – which enabled me to transform my daily anxious ‘invisible’ battle with people into a place of self- confidence and calm. 

At first, EFT provided me with quick calming techniques that took away the feelings of ‘fight or flight’ that flooded me every time I saw, or even thought about,  a person who might want to talk to me, and replaced them with feelings of peace and positive energy.  And then, it enabled me to go further – to get to the root of these negative emotions, understand what was causing them and then, what’s more, transform them into positive, empowering emotions. 

Because it wasn’t until I tried EFT that I finally and properly understood just how little opinion I had had of myself all my life. I had had 12 years of counselling at this point so, obviously,  I knew I had a problem.  But I didn't realise quite how worthless I believed I was.  How ‘not good enough’ I was.   I also became aware of how every time I avoided other people I was reinforcing how ‘true’ these negative beliefs were for me – in other words, I had taught myself to associate Other People with negative self-beliefs of worthlessness and guilt while associating Escape From Them with feelings of peace and relief.

Once I was able to understand all that, I was able to use EFT further to transform these negative beliefs into self-beliefs that empowered me instead.  To the point that not only was I no longer avoiding people at the school gate, but I was taking an active role on the board of school governors.  

I can’t make the damp patch go away for you by itself, but I can help you cope and deal with it in the way you would like to do when on ‘top form’.

I can help take away the crushing sense of overwhelm and the tearful sense of powerlessness and replace them with a sense of clear-headedness and calm.

I can help give you the energy that will empower you to deal with anything in an efficient and purposeful way. 

And I can help you change your way of thinking so when you go to bed at night, instead of groaning over all the things you haven’t done, you congratulate yourself on all the things you did get done.

I built the Stress-Free Life Academy in order to bring together all the different tips, techniques and tools to combat and release stress I could find that really work. 

Some are short, quick, easy techniques to help you immediately de-stress and relax. Others will take you on a deeper journey to understanding yourself and the beliefs behind your reactions and emotions.

As someone who has suffered daily and crippling anxiety, I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and helpless. 

And I have first-hand experience and knowledge of how to break that pattern.

The Stress-Free Life Academy offers:

  • audios and videos,

  • downloads and print-offs,

  • on-line courses,

  • webinars,

  • support groups and

  • 1:1 sessions to cater for all your needs.

  • You will also get great discounts - £10 off every 1:1 session

By becoming a member of the Stress-Free Life Academy, you’ll be able to download and print out tip-sheets and worksheets so you’ve always got something to hand when you need it.

As part of the membership benefits, you will also be given access to a full range of audios and videos that - within less than ten minutes – have the proven power to guide you from a state of exhaustion and anxiety to a calm place of energy and empowerment. 

And, when you join the Stress-Free Life Academy, you can use them when you like, as often as you like and wherever you like.

Becoming a member of the Academy also means you can join our private Facebook group, where you can share your experiences and progress with like-minded and supportive people.

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And that’s not all....

Not only will you have access to a variety of different on-line courses and webinars, but you will also be entitled to 10% off the 1:1 sessions I offer, either via Skype or in person in Chichester and London. 

Wouldn’t you like to go to bed at night with a sense of peace, calm and satisfaction?  

Click on "Member Login" below to join the Academy, for instant access. You can start to enjoy a life of confidence and control where things happen because you want them to.

You couldn’t be in safer hands! Jemima is kind and loving and really knows her stuff. The ‘stress free life academy’ is an invaluable resource that I highly recommend
— Anna