Learning the Language of EFT

When learning to speak a new language, its much easier take your time and get the basics first – you wouldnt move to Paris and expect to understand and converse fully in French when you arrive. You might know the odd word – how to say Bonjour, je voudrais un caf sil vous plait (yes, showing off my brilliant linguistic skills there!) but you might not always understand the response:

Did I get the accent right? Did they understand me?

You will soon find out from the drink that arrives after your order whether your request got through!

Jumping in with both feet and moving to another country is one way of doing it but its hard work and you could get in to trouble along the way. Getting lessons from an expert and practicing will build your confidence until you feel ready to speak to a French person on your own.

Step-by-step, building up your confidence and knowledge, learning more vocabulary, short-cuts and nuances until it becomes second nature.

Its exactly the same as learning the language of emotion and tapping.

When I first started tapping it was so exciting. I saw and experienced so many shifts in my and other peoples lives. It was like discovering a miracle cure and it filled in all the gaps of my previous attempts at healing my anxiety. So much changed so quickly! I went from being too anxious to stand at the school gates to becoming a school Governor, leaving my job to become a practitioner and giving talks about this amazing technique I had found.

It took time to understand and become fluent with what my body was trying to tell me through my feelings. I quickly learned the tapping points and did as many swap sessions with my fellow trainees as I could. I immersed myself in EFT and soaked up knowledge and experience. I tapped pretty much constantly for 6 months before I felt ready to see clients. I had begun training as a counsellor when I discovered EFT so had a good grounding of the importance of boundaries, how to run a session and how to hold space for people, not to mention my own personal development that has been my life-long passion and interest since my Psychology A-level in 1992!

How do you become fluent?

Practice, practice, practice!

Repetition and practice are the keys to success. Any talented and successful linguist, musician or sportsperson – or indeed any expert – will constantly be honing their skills, getting support, learning the latest developments and implementing what theyve learned. Andy Murray is very talented but he also spends hours and hours of his time, every day, practising and growing his skills. He has a team of people around him supporting and managing every part of his fitness and abilities.

Where to start?

Here are my top tips for learning the language of EFT:

1. Learn the points – tap until you learn the points without having to think about it.

2. Start tapping – even if it feels silly or that you are doing it wrong, just do it.

3. Persevere – even if it feels like nothing is happening, keep going until you do.

4. Write down what you want to change. We often forget how bad things were or what they felt like. Track your progress.

5. Use resources – check out my website and search the internet for tappers in your area.

6. Do something everyday – the more you put in, the more you will get out, even 5 minutes a day will soon add up to big change.

7. Get help – if you are stuck or frustrated ask a professional – luckily for you I am running a Q and A webinar next month! You can email me you questions and I will answer them live. Click here to register.

8. Focus on one thing at a time – its easy to get distracted and want to work on everything. Try one issue for a week or a month, record your progress and enjoy the results!

9. Set your intentions and check in with them regularly – this will keep you motivated and on track.

10. Find a buddy – its proven that working with someone and being held accountable makes it much easier and more effective to achieve goals. Ask someoneyou trust or go on to a forum or Facebook group for support. The EFT community are a wonderful bunch! If you have a friend or relative who could benefit from learning this life-changing language, then please forward this article to them.

It can be difficult to try something new, but trust me when I say that every area of your life will improve when you take the time to learn and use this new technique.

Make sure you sign up for the Q and A webinar – its packed full of information and support. Here’s the link: Q and A Webinar. I can’t wait to see you there!

Good luck and happy tapping!


Jemima Eames