2016 – What’s Been Going On?

There has been so much happening in the world this year. I’ve noticed long term situations that have been tolerated, ignored or unidentified have been coming to the surface – we are being forced to face our demons.

As always, the external world is reflecting the internal process. It is useful and fascinating. What was your reaction to the referendum result? What were your thoughts and reactions? If you observe these, you will have great clues to your own core beliefs about yourself and the world.

Core issues will resurface

Did you feel responsible in some way: “I should have done more”, or did you blame other people: “They should have done more”, maybe you had thoughts such as “it’s not fair”. Whatever your response, it will be a reflection of your deepest beliefs. Why? Because our beliefs filter the way that we see the world. It’s like wearing rose tinted glasses, or “I’m not good enough” tinted glasses. Your mind sees the situation through this lens of “It’s all my fault” and makes up stories to make it true.

The mind wants you to keep these glasses on because they have kept you safe for many years. You probably first put them on in the first 6 years of life – when the core beliefs are being formed -and you never took them off. The world is shaking us up. Life can’t continue as it has been. It is time for change.

Why is this change happening?

Over the last 2000 years, we have been run by masculine energy. We needed to populate the world, create houses to live in, systems, transport, communication etc. All these systems are now in place. It’s time now to nurture what we have. To build community and look after each other, before it’s too late.

Although I was shocked by the referendum result – as many people were, whatever their vote was – I completely trust the process of life and know that it must be what has to happen. Systems have to break down before they can regrow. We see it in nature all the time. There are seeds from some trees that are only triggered into growth by being burned – the fire must come for life to continue.

So what does this mean for you?

It means you need to take care of yourself. Take stock, do the work, keep cleaning up your story, bringing awareness to your impact on the world – are you part of the problem or part of the solution? As Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If you want to see more love in the world, then love your people.

More compassion? Be compassionate.

More fun? Bring the party.

It really is down to you. If you see a need, you are the one to fill it.

It’s easy to blame the government and the leaders for the state of the world but in doing so, we absolve ourselves of responsibility. You are a cog in your family, town, country and planet. Are you connected and turning in your best way? If not, what needs to happen?

My story

Earlier this year I had to face my own demons in the form of an operation. At the end of last year I was anaemic, run down and exhausted. I discovered I had a large cyst (about the size of an avocado) on my left ovary. I found this out just a few days after my beloved Digger, our gorgeous black Labrador, was put to sleep. Working a lot from home, he had been my constant companion for 10 years and losing him was heartbreaking. In many ways he was my best friend so the grief I experienced was overwhelming.

It’s been a long process and essentially what I went through forced me to look at myself and my life. I wasn’t giving my body and mind the attention and care it deserved and needed. So, now healed again, I’m doing what I need to do.

We all have a story to heal, we all have the ability to heal it. Listen to your body and heart, trust the process, do what you need to do and all will be well.

If you’ve had a tough year, maybe it’s time for you to heal. You can book in a 20 minute free chat with me, if you think that might be something you need or you’re not sure what your next step might be.

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Jemima Eames