Celebrating My Successes

2015 has been a big year for many people, myself included. Autumn has been particularly challenging and I've been going through a lot of releasing. I have done a lot of that over the years. I used to be surprised by the amount of stuff that I'm still carrying around. I have been working on my personal development, consciously now for nearly 20 years – you'd think I would be done by now! But the beauty of the work that I do is that it never ends and it always gets better. There are countless gifts and deeper levels of love and gratitude that keep coming. Frequently I will be at home with my family and a wave of love will wash over me. Bliss!

How I know I've shifted

This year's set of challenges have been different for me, or rather, my experience of them has been different.

In 2012 we decided to move from a house in a valley, in the middle of nowhere (45 minute walk to the pub!) in Hampshire, into the centre of Chichester. It was brilliant and we love our new life. The process, however, of moving was stressful to say the least. My husband and I were both self-employed at the time and had to jump through hoops to get approved by the agents. Every day for a month they asked us for another piece of information, or the same piece of information in a slightly different format. I didn't handle it well! I was stressed, overwhelmed and so angry at the stupidity of the process. Why didn't they just give me a list of what they want so I could send it all together?! Argh!!!

This year we are going through the process of buying our first property. This is a dream come true and we are very excited. We have had the same process happening with the mortgage company asking for the same piece of information three times! Extra information requested with no apparent reason for it – it's just the process and what needs to happen. The difference for me this time is that, although of course I have had moments of frustration, overwhelm and despair, they have been much less intense and have lasted a much shorter length of time. I have perspective and know that it will all work out. I have only needed a bit of tapping and breathing to get me back on track. I'm much more trusting and relaxed about the whole thing. I know it will work out.

So, I'm celebrating myself this year! And giving thanks to all those along the way that have helped me to be the calmer, happier, smilier self that I am today.

What are you celebrating about 2015? And what would you like to celebrate next year? I’d love to hear from you. You can post a comment or email me: click here

Jemima Eames