Three Of The Many Wonderful Ways The Brand New Stress Free Life Academy Can Help You Lead A Happier, Calmer Stress Free Life!

Is it actually possible to have a completely stress free life?  

Well, probably not!  Life happens, events unfold and people will be people. Stress is a vital part of growth and learning - humans are much more motivated to move away from pain/danger than towards love or happiness. It’s a survival mechanism to protect our genes and sustain life. If your body didn’t trigger the stress response when you were in danger, you might not last very long!

But stress doesn’t have to rule your life or every decision that you make. 

You could go through life, enjoying experiences and responding to unexpected events in a way that makes you feel in control. You could have a lot more energy, space and time to relax.  Long term stress effects health, immunity, digestion, reproduction - all the ‘non-essential’ processes of the body. The more you can relax in the present moment, the less pressure you are putting on yourself and your body.  It’s not always possible to change situations or other people but you can change the way you feel. 


What is the Stress Free Life Academy?

The Stress Free Life Academy is the result of over 20 years of researching and experiencing different ways of dealing with depression, anxiety and stress and more than seven years of professional practice. All the help and support I received over the years was wonderful but none of it would have made any difference if I hadn’t applied what I learned and let go of the stress. 

The Academy is there to help you to help yourself with support, techniques and short cuts in the form of audios, videos, downloads and worksheets. Here are three great reasons to join the Academy:


1. 24 hour support

Stress is something that can come on at anytime. sometimes when you least expect it. I’m sure you’ve had one of those nights when you wake up worrying about something. Alone in the small hours can make a problem or situation can feel insurmountable. Come morning and you wonder what you were worried about!

    The beauty of the Academy is that you can login and find help at anytime, day or night. Plug in you headphones, and listen to an audio and you will find those nightmare problems soon shrink back to normal size. Reaching out and getting help right when you need it is invaluable. 


2. Awareness and learning

The more understanding you have of yourself and your mind, the easier it is to get things into perspective and find solutions. Listening to a podcast that explains why we have certain behaviours can be like turning a light on. It’s all helpful information that enables you to create space between you and your emotional response. The more understanding you have, the easier it is to make change. 

    For example, did you know that we all have a set of beliefs that influence every aspect of our lives? You could use the Belief Finder download to discover what your own hidden core beliefs are - the results might surprise you! 


3. Connection

In times of stress it can feel incredibly lonely and as if no-one understands what you’re going through, particularly if you find it difficult to reach out and ask for help. Knowing that you have a safe and supportive environment can make all the difference. 

    The more practice you get at reaching out to others, the easier it is to feel like your basic needs are being met. A bit like working out in the gym makes your body stronger and fitter, so that you can lead an active life, practising de-stress techniques helps you to feel calmer and be less reactive in other areas of your life.

    The Stress Free Life Academy runs live courses, holds regular Q & A sessions and there isalso a private Facebook group so you have lots of ways to connect.

Why not join today and start to de-stress your life? It’s currently only £5.00 a month for the rest of the 2017, going up to £25.00 in the New Year. 

January 2018 sees the launch of the Four Weeks To De-Stress Your Life Online Course - free to all members! Click here for more information and to sign up. 

I can’t wait to see you there!



Out of stress and into bliss..

Jemima Eames