4. Controlling panic and overwhelm

Today is all about panic and overwhelm.

You have no doubt experienced these feelings in your life. 

I feel it when beginning a new project or planning a new workshop. Panic attacks can be very frightening (I used to have them regularly) particularly whilst driving. Your breathing becomes shallow and tight, reducing the blood flow, causing pain and all sorts of responses in the body. Overwhelm can also stop you in your tracks, faced with too many possibilities or too much to do. 

Tapping in the moment of a panic attack will help you to regain control of your body and mind. It gives you something to do, so you feel empowered. It reduces adrenalin and cortisol levels (the fight or flight hormones) in the body, leaving you feeling calmer. 

The more you practice tapping when you are in a relaxed state, the more effective it will be in stressful situations as you are re-training your body’s responses. 

P.S. You may also find yourself going back over some of your ‘favourite’ tapping audios as you are experiencing them

Jemima Eames