What Is EFT Good For And How Can It Help You? Or Why I Love EFT And How It Helped Me.

When I’ve introduced people to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), their first question is often: “Does it help with….. “ fill in the blank: phobias/pain/anxiety/my sister’s stress/my daughter’s anxiety/whatever it is that they are experiencing” The short is answer is: ‘Yes’. EFT can help with everything and anything because whatever you are going through, you will be having an emotional response to it, and that is where you start. EFT is based on the concept that the emotion is felt, acknowledged and released.

When I understood this, the possibilities seemed endless and there were moments of overwhelm when I thought I would never get through all the ‘stuff’ I needed to clear.

Once you get specific and clear one issue at a time, every area of your life begins to improve. Like a spiders web, all our thoughts are connected. If one area gets pulled out of shape, then every other area is stretched and impacted too.

Although the symptoms and issues can present themselves in different ways for different people, the process is the same. Finding the energy of the emotion in the body and identifying it is the first step. Then using the tapping process to start to clear and release this emotion, sensation or pain from the body.

Here are some of the issues my clients have been coming for help with over the last few months:

  • physical pain and tension

  • anxiety of: health diagnosis, school, social situations, exams

  • fear of: flying, spiders, the future, success

  • confusion over new direction in life

  • compulsive eating

  • relationship difficulties

  • not feeling safe

  • not feeling good enough

  • procrastination

  • health concerns

The emotions that you feel today are often not the first time you have felt them. Memories are linked by the emotions connected to them. For example, when you tune into the feeling of anxiety and follow the thread of it back into the past, you will find lots of other memories with this same feeling. If you feel triggered by a memory, it is unresolved in some way.

In my own personal experience - after 13 years of counselling, talking about old traumas over and over again, revisiting the pain from my past and feeling like a victim - tapping finally gave me a way to change how I felt about what I had been through. I resolved the feelings and painful memories and I could finally move on.

Sometimes, the acknowledgement and understanding of your past is all that is needed to dissolve and clear old emotions. Much more often however, there is a need to process the memories and any feelings associated with them. The memories and emotions are held in the subconscious. Once the unresolved ‘trapped’ energy that is held in the memory is released, it is working for you, not tripping you up by self-sabotaging or trying to get your attention.

I am on a mission to help you live a happy and fulfilled life, to finally let go of the weight of the past that you have been carrying around and to be free.

Whether it’s one to one help that you need, or simply to be pointed in the right direction so that you can do the work on your own, then you’re in the right place. More than likely it’s a mixture of both and I can help you, wherever you are.

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Jemima Eames