Week Two - Understanding Your Beliefs

Belief Buster Week Two

In Week Two you will be taking action! Now you have a good idea of what your beliefs are and how they are impacting on every area of your life, you can start to change them.

All our core beliefs are interconnected. When you start to unravel the beliefs, they become weaker and lose their power over you - basically, you stop believing them.

You are then free to choose more supportive beliefs such as “I am good enough” instead of “I’m not good enough”. This helps you in every situation to feel more successful.

Your next step is to focus on one belief at a time and clear it. This is the most effective way of working through your beliefs. Staying as focused and specific as you can. Keep checking in and tracking your progress

Watch the video to be guided through tapping on the belief “Something must change”. (This is 5m 30s into the video above).

Jemima Eames