The Belief Buster Course Introduction

Did you know that your beliefs influence every thought, word and behaviour that you have?

Often created in the first six years of life, any negative beliefs will do their best to keep you small and safe, when you don’t need it.

Have you ever wondered why things always work out the same way for you? Or your relationships go wrong? You may have hidden beliefs like:

  • I am unlovable

  • Life never goes my way

  • I’m not good enough

  • I don’t deserve to be happy

Changing your beliefs is the key to turning your life around. On this course you will be discovering your beliefs and transforming them once and for all.

Week One - Identify Your Core Beliefs

As with everything in life, awareness is the first step to create change. In this section of the course you will be working through beliefs in some key areas in your life - you will be amazed at what’s going on in your subconscious mind!

Week Two - Understand and Clear Your Beliefs

When you understand how your beliefs affect you, you can start to change your reactions and your behaviours and bring in some new habits. You will be working consistently and methodically to quickly and easily blast your beliefs

Week Three - Resolution and Moving On

How to stay on track. Learn the difference between motivation and inspiration. Powerful, effective methods and tips to keep you feeling amazing and doing what you want to do!


All the course materials will be available in the Academy for you to access whenever you need it and remember to keep checking in for updates.

Jemima Eames