A Day Of Self-Care

A Day Of Self-Care


Join Jemima for a Day of Self-Care. Your own retreat in your own home!

You will receive:

  • Your preparation information - everything you need to prepare for your beautiful day of self-care.

  • Three webinars - morning, afternoon and evening to guide you through the day

  • After-care - how to keep meeting your own needs

I can’t wait to see you there!

Jemima xx

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You know the importance of relaxation and putting your needs first. You only need five minutes on the internet to see hundreds of posts of bikini-clad-impossible-yoga-pose-wellness experts. This is all well and good and if that’s your bag, then good for you!

When you look at those pictures and feel pressured or not good enough and have thoughts like: “I don’t have the time for that”, “it’s too late for me” or “Shyeah, right!” then this is the perfect day for you.

Jemima is going on retreat and is taking you with her! A Day Of Self-Care is designed with you in mind. It’s easy and flexible and you don’t even have to leave the house!

Join Jemima LIVE on 22nd August 2019

Session One

8:00 am: Good Morning!

  • Check in

  • Meditation and Visualisation

  • Setting up your self-care day

Session Two

12:00 pm: Lunch Break

  • What’s your block?

  • Tapping to clear your stress

  • Prepare for your peaceful afternoon

Session Three

18:00 pm: How was your day?

  • Review and release

  • Chakra tapping

  • Relaxation for a beautiful night’s sleep

You will have access to all the webinars after the live event so you can create a retreat day whenever you want to!