You made it through to the end! Well done!

You now have a library of audios that you can access whenever you need at any time. The more you listen and tap, the more you will clear, the happier and freer you will become. Keep tapping, keep breathing and enjoy!

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This short video shows the basic tapping technique so you know where to tap when you listen to the audios

Day One - Grounding

The first step to clearing any stress or anxiety is to ground yourself. 

What does this mean?  Grounded or grounding is when you are aware of where you are and what you are doing. You are calm, relaxed and in control. You have engaged your ‘adult’ brain. Solutions come easily, other people’s reactions don’t affect you – you’re free!

Sounds too good to be true!?  It is more than possible to get into this state of mind, in any situation, change the way you feel and transform your experience. This audio is the the first step. Click below to get started: 

Click here to get access: Day One - Grounding

Make sure you have the time and space to give this your full awareness, keep your notebook at the ready and enjoy!

Day Two - Reducing Stress

Stress is in us and all around us.

For most of us, it has become a natural part of life. Whilst some stress is good, in small doses, the extent that we experience stress in our lives today is constant and relentless which is definitely not good for us. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! Today’s audio is all about finding and releasing the stress in your body. 

Find a space for yourself and guard it well - just for these few minutes.

Listen in and tap away that stress.... 

Click here for today's audio: Day Two - Reducing Stress

Day Three - Calming Anxiety

Anxiety can be bubbling under the surface all the time. 

Sometimes we don't even notice it. Anxiety can affect people in different ways and it often comes down to worrying about the future (depression tends to be about holding on to events from the past). We all have a tendency to do anxiety at times, some of us more than others. If you know that you are prone to getting anxious, remember that you can use this audio as often as you like.

Listen in and bring down your anxiety for a relaxed day today.

Click here for today's audio: Day Three - Calming Anxiety

Day Four - Controlling Panic and Overwhelm

Today is all about panic and overwhelm.

You have no doubt experienced these feelings in your life. 

I feel it when beginning a new project or planning a new workshop. Panic attacks can be very frightening (I used to have them regularly) particularly whilst driving. Your breathing becomes shallow and tight, reducing the blood flow, causing pain and all sorts of responses in the body. Overwhelm can also stop you in your tracks, faced with too many possibilities or too much to do. 

Tapping in the moment of a panic attack will help you to regain control of your body and mind. It gives you something to do, so you feel empowered. It reduces adrenalin and cortisol levels (the fight or flight hormones) in the body, leaving you feeling calmer. 

The more you practice tapping when you are in a relaxed state, the more effective it will be in stressful situations as you are re-training your body’s responses. 

Click here for today's audio: Day Four - Panic and Overwhelm

Day Five - Negative Self-Talk

You can change that voice in your head. 

Welcome to Day 5! Great work for continuing to listen in and tap. How have you been and what have you noticed? Remember to keep up to date in with your journal, noticing your patterns and what works and what doesn’t. This is valuable information for you. You may even notice that your assessment changes as you get more used to tapping and clearing your energy.

You are probably aware of a negative voice that pops up in your mind now and then. It’s usually critical, judgmental and leaves you feeling deflated and wrong. Whether it’s a constant companion or one that only shows up in certain scenarios, today’s audio will help you to get that voice in check and reclaim your power - enjoy!

Click here to access: Day Five - Negative Self-Talk

Day Six - Taking Responsibilty

Taking control of your feelings and finding your freedom. 

Today’s audio looks at taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your behaviour. We tend to live in a blame culture in the Western world - governments, education, families and situations can seem to be in control of us. We sometimes appear to not have a choice. However much this might be true for you, I want you to know that you always have a choice in how to deal with what is going on through your responses and feelings in the moment.

Taking back control of your feelings and tapping them away is the first step to taking responsibility and therefore creating a different mindset - one that you want and that works for you. It can feel a little daunting at first, but once you get through the fears and start to be in control of your own life, that taste of freedom is wonderful!

Click here to get access: Day Six - Taking Responsibility
Remember you can go back to any of the audios if something else comes up - they're yours forever..

Day Seven - Blasting Procrastination

Well done! You are now entering the second week of your Stress Release Challenge! 

Have a look back over the last week and what you have noticed... Hopefully you are feeling calmer and more in control. Keep it up!

Today is all about getting things done. It will help you do the kind of stuff that you keep putting off. Those tasks and projects that you really want to do but everything else comes first. Maybe it’s taking a day off to go to a spa with a friend or making time to clear out a cupboard or a drawer. Those things that are just out of reach of normal life. 

Get ready to get things done because this audio will get you on track!
Click here to get access: Day Seven - Blasting Procrastination
Watch out world! 

Day Eight - Clearing Cravings

Cravings can get in the way.

They are an easy way to criticise yourself and beat yourself up - "Why am I doing this again?!" might be a familiar thought to you. 

EFT is great for reducing and clearing a craving for something that you are battling with. You quickly take control and let it go...

Click here to get access: Day Eight - Clearing Cravings


Day Nine - Releasing Pain

It is amazing how much pain we can put up with..

With busy lives it is often difficult to take time out to attend to a niggle, or get a massage to support our bodies. We ignore the pain, put it down to stress and one of the things that we will get around to (go back to Day Seven if you need to!).

This audio will have you to relax and release any pain in your body and give you an understanding of all the layers attached to it.

Click here to get access: Day Nine - Releasing Pain
Happy Tapping!

Day Ten - Not Good Enough


Our beliefs filter everything that we see, say and do. 

If you have a belief that "I am not good enough" then everytime something goes wrong part of you will say "I knew it - more proof that I'm rubbish!" Not much fun...

Today's audio helps you to start to change this deep-rooted core belief that I feel that we all share to some degree. Tap along and choose to feel more than good enough!

Click here to get access: Day Ten - Transforming "Not Good Enough"

Make sure you have the time and space to give this your full awareness, keep your notebook at the ready and enjoy!

Happy Tapping!

Day Eleven - Public Speaking

In the top ten fears, public speaking is number one for the average person. 

Experiences from school and standing up in class take their toll and many people avoid public speaking at any cost. This fear can get bigger and the self-consciousness can spread to any event, even as simple as standing at the school gate.

Clearing the fear response and building your confidence in this area will start to have a ripple effect into every area of your life - listen, tap and see what happens! 

Click here to get access: Day Eleven - Public Speaking
Happy Tapping!

Day Twelve - Building Boundaries

Boundaries are vital for lasting happiness

We often compromise our own needs for an easy or quiet life. Too much of this leads to frustration and resentment and a good deal of un-happiness.

Today's audio will help you to build a strong boundary that will keep you feeling grounded and relaxed in any situation - enjoy!
Click here to get access: Day Twelve - Building Boundaries

Happy Tapping!

P.S. This audio is slightly longer than the others - just over 18 minutes. 

Day Thirteen - Fear of the Future

Sometimes going to the supermarket feel too much...

Do you ever have that feeling of dread, or anxiety that you have to do something that you just don't want to do. Sometimes there is no way out and you have to bite the bullet and get through it.

Today's audio let's you prepare for any situation and maybe even start to look forward to it.. How would that feel! 

Give it a go and see what you can transform.

Click here to get access: Day Thirteen - Fear of the Future



P.S. I would love to hear how you are getting on with the audios!  Please let me know your results by replying to this email. 

Thank you 

Day Fourteen - Energy Booster

For those days when you feel out of sorts and need a pick-me-up..

Today's audio is simply about letting go of negative energy and choosing to feel positive. It's a great one to use on a busy day when you don't want to get into your 'stuff'. 

Give it a go and lift your day!

Click here to get access: Day Fourteen - Energy Booster

Happy Tapping!

Day Fifteen - Sleeping Soundly

You are now in the third week of this 21 Day Programme!

How are things going? Look back over the last two weeks and notice what has changed. How are you feeling and coping with people and situations? Write al your observations in your journal so you can see what works for you. 

Today's audio is all about getting you relaxed for a good night's sleep (or an afternoon nap!). We all know the importance of good sleep but it can often be hard to acheive. Creating new habits and thoughts around your sleep will work wonders and it starts here!

So get warm and comfy, listen in and enjoy...

Click here to get access: Day Fifteen - Sleeping Soundly

Sleep tight!

Day Sixteen - Clearing Difficult Memories

Everything you've ever seen, heard, felt or done is held in your subconscious. 

Each moment in our lives is filtered through our past, through old traumas. This means we sometime see danger or feel anxious when there is no obvious reason. 

This audio will help you to release those moments when you wish the ground would swallow you up. The memories that make you cringe or that are tinged with regret. 

It is designed for smaller, less traumatic memories. If you have been through some big events you will need help from a professional to clear them. 

Click here to get access: Day Sixteen - Clearing Difficult Memories

Enjoy the freedom this one brings..

Happy Tapping!

Day Seventeen - What Others Think

Getting it right for other people can really hold you back..

Do you ever find yourself biting your tongue or missing out to save someone else's feelings? Too much of that can leave you fed up, frustrated and resentful. Today's audio will help you break that habit, for the good of all concerned.

Click here to get access: Day Seventeen - Worry About What Others Think

As you change your behaviour, the people around will change too...

Happy Tapping!

Day Eighteen - Resolving Conflict with Communication

Conflict is inevitable and there is a way to resolve it without getting stressed out and hurt. 

We all have different needs and ways of doing things and, let's face it, your way is best, right? You've spent your whole life working out the right way to do something and it can be tough when someone comes along with their ideas to mess it all up!

When you can step back from a situation and notice the emotion and needs that are hidden beneath the confrontation, and then let them go, you will soon find all your relationships improving. 

Click here to get access: Day Eighteen - Resolving Conflict

Remember to take notes of the changes that occur - it can be easy to forget the difficulties when they have been resolved. It's great to be able to look back and see how far you've come. 

Happy Tapping!

Day Nineteen - Tapping For Other People

It can be painful to watch friends and family suffer. 

Today's audio will clear your worry and anxiety for what your loved ones are going through by helping you and them. For those moments when you feel powerless and wish it was different.

Click here to get access: Day Nineteen - Tapping For Other People
When you tap consistently on one issue, or one person, you will notice things changing. But don't take my word for it - try it and see! 

Happy Tapping!

Day Twenty - Appreciation

If you want to change your life you can do it, right now.. 

If you have been following the programme, you will notice that when you change your emotions, your life feels different. Problems become opportunities and the future looks brighter. 

This audio is a quick fix to find the joy in being here now - look and you will see it. When you choose to appreciate your life as it is now, the better it gets! The better you feel, the more you appreciate it - a wonderful cycle of increasing joy!

Click here to get access: Day Twenty - Appreciation

This is a great one to do at the beginning of the day or before something that's difficult for you - it will lift your whole day.

Day Twenty-One - Create Your Amazing Future

You can have the life you've always dreamed off and it can be easy!

In the busy-ness of life our dreams can fall by the wayside. We put off the things that we want because they feel too difficult or that we don't deserve them. 

This audio will quickly get you back on track and aligned with the future that you want, with the knowledge of how to get there.. Sounds to good to be true? Don't take my word for it - give it a go and see for yourself!

Click here to get access: Day Twenty-One - Your Amazing Future